EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Major steps



  • On 22nd February 2008, the results of the Ernst & Young study were presented to the press


  • On 21st March 2008, the Liege Carex non-profit-making association is formed with the following founder and actual members:


    • - The Walloon government (Economy and Transport ministers),
    • - The European Redeployment Group for the Liege Region - GRE,
    • - Liege Airport s.a.,
    • - The Logistics in Wallonia cluster,
    • - Roissy Carex,
    • - TNT Airways

The non-profit-making association is chaired by Jean-Pierre Grafé, a former Minister. In 2008, the association was operated with the remainder of the subsidies awarded for the Ernst & Young study by the Vice-President of the Government, André Antoine, and the Economy Minister, Jean-Claude Marcourt, and an annual subscription requested from actual members.