EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express


Air – Rail – Road connections in the Liege Region

In April 2009, Liege Carex launched a tender for the realisation of a study on organisation and optimisation of connections and modal transfers between the Liege Freight TGV terminal and Liege Airport, and additional services likely to improve its commercial attractiveness and its impact in terms of employment.

The market was attributed to the ADPI Consultancy Firm, a "Aéroports de Paris" subsidiary, after analysis of the various offers received.


The subject of the study was to analyse:

  • The connections between the Freight TGV platform and the airport, paying particular attention to the types of rolling stock and possibly lifting equipment and roads or portions of existing roads, as the aim is to reduce to a minimum load transfer times between the Freight TGV terminal and the two major airport activity and development areas to the North and South of the runways. The analysis had to be supplemented with a motorway network accessibility study and had to also concern the freight trade and safety rules to be respected as well as any additional rules imposed for high-added-value goods.


  • The service needs and opportunities around this new multi-modal platform, depending on the expectations of potential users.