EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Members & Partners


The Board of Directors meetings are generally held every two months.

Liege Carex was set up as a non-profit-making association with statutes that could rapidly be adapted into a commercial form.

The non-profit-making association's day-to-day management is entrusted to the General co-ordinator by the Board of Directors.


Liege Carex’s mission is to study the development of the cargo TGV platform at Liege Airport, to improve the market studies in this regard and to participate in Euro Carex’s activities.


The General coordinator’s missions:

  • Providing the general coordination of activities conducted by Liege Carex as part of development of the Freight TGV at Liege;
  • Participating in the studies and work conducted on a European level as part of Euro Carex;
  • Developing and establishing useful contacts in relation with Liege Carex’s missions;
  • Providing the administrative and financial management of Liege Carex;
  • Providing Liege Carex’s communication.