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Liege Carex

Welcome to the Liege Carex portal


Liege Airport is the first European airport to have built its development strategy around full cargo and secondarily on passenger charters and low-cost scheduled flights.

This is a profitable strategy as Liege Airport has occupied the 7th position in the European airport classification for cargo and the 1st position in Belgium since 2009 with 482,142 tons of freight. It has also become TNT's European hub.

Situated at the centre of Europe, Liege Airport is situated on the edge of a motorway node where 7 European motorways directly connecting it to France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg converge.

There is a number of industrial sites occupied or demanded by transport or logistics companies and distribution centres in the airport area.

Benefiting from a direct connection to the Paris-Brussels-Cologne railway line via an equipped multi-modal platform, it is ready to welcome the European Freight TGV line introduced by Euro-Carex as soon as it is commissioned.

The railway station dedicated to the freight TGV will be situated on the edge of the runways and will have two tracks, with one situated in the airport area and the other in the "landside" area. This will allow the Liege Rail Port to operate simultaneously in fully secure and non-secure mode (outwith the airport area).

All of its assets accumulated made Liege Airport an essential link in the transport and logistics sector and it was chosen in the Walloon government's MARSHALL plan as a major tool for the economic and industrial redeployment of the Belgium's Walloon Region.

Thank you for your attention which has allowed you to learn more about Liege airport and Liege-Carex.


                                                                                                Jean-Pierre GRAFE

                                                                                                Former Minister

                                                                                                Chairman of Liège-Carex

                                                                                                1st Vice-President of Liege Airport.


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